Episode 49: Undatable

March 23, 2018

This is going to be a rough one for Dave.  He is full of complaints about his horrible dating life and the boys talk about dating, how to date, and what to do if you have the dating mentality of a 14 year old as a grown man.  If you want to learn about the dating process for an arrested development super nerd this is the podcast for you!

Then the boys talk about a couple of movies and some hot new Dungeons and Dragons action.  Enjoy!


Episode 48: Black Panther

March 13, 2018

The boys talk about Black Panther, Dave's Dating Life, and tons more.  Enjoy!


Episode 47: Bumbling on Bumble plus Black Panther and more Star Wars

February 18, 2018

Dave is back into dating and trying his hand at Bumble (a dating app).  The boys give cryptocurrency a rest this week in order to delve into Dave's dating life.  They talk about a bunch of movies and what they expect from the upcomming blockbuster Black Panther.  Then more Star Wars and Bob's your uncle!  Enjoy!


Episode 46: Another Movie Medley plus a ton about Cryptocurrency and Dave’s adventures on Bumble

February 6, 2018

Dave and Joren can't get off cryptocurrency so they talk about it for a while.  Dave has been taking full advantage of his Movie Pass and is seeing all the Oscar nominations.  He checks in with Den of Theives, Call Me by Your Name, and Hostiles.  Then the boys look at the upcoming Black Panther and round things off talking about dating on Bumble.  Enjoy!


Episode 45: Adventures in Cryptocurrency, Adventures in Dungeons & Dragons, and Adventures in Dating

January 31, 2018

The boys are back with a vengeance and get deep into cryptocurrency.  They are exploring different alt coins, ICOs, and other means of getting rich quick.  They've had a lot of get rich quick schemes but this one will for sure get them rich and quick.  Seriously though the do talk about crypto.  Joren played Dungeons & Dragons and naturally Dave has some smartass comments about that and then Dave is feeling melancholic about his dating life and naturally Joren has some smartass comments about that.  Dave is going to fight his own kind nature and turn into the sociapathic jerk that women actually find attractive so look out ladies!  Enjoy!


Episode 44: More Cryptocurrency! More Movies! More Nerd Dating!

January 23, 2018

Dave and Joren and delving deeper and deeper into the dark world of Cryptocurrecy (or the benign, gentle world filled with flowers and rainbows.  Depends on your perspective).  They talk more about coins, trends, and the lessons learned since last week.  Dave saw a grip of movies and shows while Joren is grinding the code gears on some top secret projects.  The boys talke about all that and then Dave whines about his miserable dating life.  If you are into schadenfreude this is the podcast for you!  Enjoy!


Episode 43: More Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency with Dave’s Movie Montage, Dating, and yet more Star Wars complaints

January 10, 2018

Dave and Joren are now neck deep into Cryptocurrency and have a lot to day about it.  Dave saw a ton of movies including Darkest Hour, the Shape of Water, and for some bizarre reason the Sound of Music.  He's getting his value from his Moviepass for sure.  Joren is full of more dating advice but Dave isn't as into it as he used to be and they wrap up with another bitch session about Star Wars.  Enjoy!


Episode 42: Adventures in Cryptocurrency plus more Star Wars: the Last Jedi and Adventures in Dungeons & Dragons

January 5, 2018

After railing against the evils of Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency the boys drink the punch and dive in.  They double their invenstment money in a few days off something called Dragonchain and discuss it in detail.  They also talk about some other currencies and where it could go in our society.  Then they bitch about Star Wars a lot more (the plot holes they just keep on a-rollin'), Dave's upcoming trip to NYC (better find that laptop), and discuss Joren's most recent sorjourn into Dungeons and Dragons.  It's a Dragon-Star Wars-Dragon sandwich!  Enjoy!


Episode 41: Star Wars the Last Jedi Part Deux SPOILER ALERT

December 28, 2017

The boys take a second look at Star Wars: the Last Jedi and let's just say once the extacy from the first viewing wore off they got a little (lot) more critical.  Big giant SPOILER ALERT you have been warned.  Dave and Joren spoil the crap out of this so if you haven't seen it yet go back and listen to Episode 40.  They get into the nitty gritty of what bugged them and why.  The fact is these guys are funnier when they hate something so it should be entertaining.  

They get into some other personal stuff and then for some reason dive into the huge Bitcoin rush and why cryptocurrency is a silly idea.  Enjoy!


Episode 40: Star Wars the Last Jedi Review 1 NO SPOILERS

December 16, 2017

Dave and Joren are back from the epic new film Star Wars: the Last Jedi and are here to talk about it.  Let's just say they were both surprised and feel a little stupid for doubting the film so much.  Lots of crow eating.  They talk about their impressions and in a NerdKungFu podcast first manage to steer clear of any spoilers.  Amazing.

They then talk about Joren's recent Dungeons and Dragons adventure and Ash vs the Evil Dead.  Enjoy!