Episode 43: More Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency with Dave’s Movie Montage, Dating, and yet more Star Wars complaints

January 10, 2018

Dave and Joren are now neck deep into Cryptocurrency and have a lot to day about it.  Dave saw a ton of movies including Darkest Hour, the Shape of Water, and for some bizarre reason the Sound of Music.  He's getting his value from his Moviepass for sure.  Joren is full of more dating advice but Dave isn't as into it as he used to be and they wrap up with another bitch session about Star Wars.  Enjoy!


Episode 42: Adventures in Cryptocurrency plus more Star Wars: the Last Jedi and Adventures in Dungeons & Dragons

January 5, 2018

After railing against the evils of Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency the boys drink the punch and dive in.  They double their invenstment money in a few days off something called Dragonchain and discuss it in detail.  They also talk about some other currencies and where it could go in our society.  Then they bitch about Star Wars a lot more (the plot holes they just keep on a-rollin'), Dave's upcoming trip to NYC (better find that laptop), and discuss Joren's most recent sorjourn into Dungeons and Dragons.  It's a Dragon-Star Wars-Dragon sandwich!  Enjoy!


Episode 41: Star Wars the Last Jedi Part Deux SPOILER ALERT

December 28, 2017

The boys take a second look at Star Wars: the Last Jedi and let's just say once the extacy from the first viewing wore off they got a little (lot) more critical.  Big giant SPOILER ALERT you have been warned.  Dave and Joren spoil the crap out of this so if you haven't seen it yet go back and listen to Episode 40.  They get into the nitty gritty of what bugged them and why.  The fact is these guys are funnier when they hate something so it should be entertaining.  

They get into some other personal stuff and then for some reason dive into the huge Bitcoin rush and why cryptocurrency is a silly idea.  Enjoy!


Episode 40: Star Wars the Last Jedi Review 1 NO SPOILERS

December 16, 2017

Dave and Joren are back from the epic new film Star Wars: the Last Jedi and are here to talk about it.  Let's just say they were both surprised and feel a little stupid for doubting the film so much.  Lots of crow eating.  They talk about their impressions and in a NerdKungFu podcast first manage to steer clear of any spoilers.  Amazing.

They then talk about Joren's recent Dungeons and Dragons adventure and Ash vs the Evil Dead.  Enjoy!


Episode 39: Star Wars the Last Jedi preview (plus some on the Quentin Tarantino Star Trek)

December 13, 2017

Short one this week as the boys are preparing to see the new Disney exxxxxxxtravaganze Star Wars: the Last Jedi.  One last chance for Dave to show the world how smart (or dumb) he is by predicting what will be seen as well as how bitter a soul he has as he laments the coming of the Porgis.  Is he right?  Time will tell but you will hear a bonus episode Friday as they discuss the movie in painful detail so have your listening ears ready (unless you hate spoilers).  

They also discuss the latest announcement from CBS that Quentin Tarantino, the fine wine of brilliant movie makers, wants to make the next Star Trek movie but unfortunately will be teamed up with JJ Abrams, the ascending bowel cancer of movie maker.  The guys discuss this unlikely pairing and whether Tarantino's talent will prevail or if Quentin will leave the production with Abrams taint sweat all over him as JJ spreads his corrupting influence across all things cool like a giant leaing tank of toxic mediocre waste.  Short but sweet.  Enjoy!


Episode 38: Coco, the Disaster Artist, and Dave’s Dating Disaster

December 6, 2017

The boys get deep into Dave's online dating and discuss the kinds of profiles that he should be looking at.  They look at some actual profiles and analyze them as any normal (normalish) human would and it sounds pretty callous and horrible but true.  Joren played Dungeons and Dragons and Dave watched the movie Coco which he loved by hated the 22 minuted Frozen 2 commercial Disney crowbarred into the front of the film with the burning passion of 10,000 suns.  Joren saw the new James Franco project the Disaster Artist and the guys discuss that.  Enjoy!


Episode 37: What is wrong with the DCEU and Justice League? Also more dating advice for Dave

December 1, 2017

Justice League is out and looking to cost Warner Bros $50-100 million dollars in loses so the boys dig into what they keep doing to suck so badly.  The main reason seems to be bad design by committe but there were a few other obvious screw ups (including one named after a bad 70's band).  They get into some gaming stuff and of course Joren is full of advice for Dave for his ongoing hunt for a girlfriend.  Enjoy!


Episode 36: Justice League and Dave’s Dating Justice!

November 22, 2017

Dave is feeling sorry for himself for being a pathetic dating loser and it is up to Joren to get him bucked up (normally Dave would say there is an "f" in place of that "b").  They talk about dating and why Dave keeps screwing up his life by being a nice guy instead of the sociopathic dirtbag that women seem to want.  The cook up an online dating plan that any sociopath would be happy with.  Then they discuss Justice League the movie and how it exceeded their expectations but being only crappy.  They also get into the new Punisher Netflix series and a martial arts movie called Blade of the Immortal.  Enjoy!


Episode 35: Murder on the Orient Express review! Also Dave gets his dating Tarot cards read and is told to stop dating

November 16, 2017

The lovely Connie is back and she reads Dave's dating futere in the Tarot cards.  Not a lot of surprises there although there is word of a mysterious dark haired lady in his future but not immediate future.  Joren tells Dave that he will be the modern day Cyrano de Bergerac and guide him into his future lady love after the horrible Year of the Rooster is over (Look out ladies of 2018!).  Dave also used is Movie Pass to see Murder on the Orient Express and has some comments on that, Joren played Dungeons & Dragons, and the other usual nerd falderal.  Enjoy!


Episode 34: More Dave’s Dating Misery! Plus Thor: Ragnarok, XBox 1X, iPhone X, and a ton of other stuff with or without X’s in the name

November 8, 2017

Dave is feeling miserable about his dating again and it's up to Joren to buck him up!  The guys talk about online dating, real dating, and Dave's crusing self esteem issues.  They talk about the new Xbox and iPhone, Joren's music business and why all musicians are lazy narcissists, and a review of Thor: Ragnarok which the boys saw together along with the lovely Connie.  Enjoy!