Episode 29: Wedding Bells and Rick and Morty

October 6, 2017

This week Dave and Joren discuss Joren's wedding last weekend and what it means for his swinging bachelor nerd lifestyle.  Dave gets maudelin becuase he has never been married and probably never will but then talks about how he spent most of the night hitting on Joren's sister (with some encouragement from a certain Svengali type).  Dave dreams of moving to New York to take a break from getting rejected by California girls so he can try getting rejected by New York girls.  He also debates the merits of a real job verses running his own retail website (known as www.NerdKungFu.com shameless plug) and then the boys break down and analyze the amasing Rick and Morty Season 3.  Enjoy!


Episode 28: Got to get Joren to the Chapel in time (plus more bitching about Star Wars)

September 26, 2017

Four days until Joren's wedding and he is kind of lossing his shyte.  Dave on the other hand is feeling cool and looking forward to good food and being rejected by bitter bridesmaids.  The boys discuss the movie Kingsmen the Golden Circle, more Dungeons and Dragons, more Star Wars concerns.  Joren winds up Dave's clock by asking about the JJ Abrams Star Trek reboot and now it is Dave's turn to lose his shyte.  Enjoy!


Episode 27: The Clothing Makes the Man Plus the Dreaded Return of JJ Abrams

September 22, 2017

The boys discuss Dave's new wardrobe and what effect it might or might not have on Truth, Justice, and his campaign to get a girlfriend.  They get into the return of Destroyer of All Things Cool JJ Abrams as director of Episode IX, what that means for Star Wars, and why Lucasfilm and Disney can't seem to understand how he undermines any true fans love of any license.  They look at his filmography and scratch their head as to why anyone sees him other than a middle of the road hack.  That plus the usual rigarmorale (listen to Dave and Joren get almost violent about an indy Magnet film that Joren loved and Dave loathed).  Enjoy!


Episode 26: Inside Information About the New Han Solo Movie! (Sort of…)

September 14, 2017

Dave and Joren pull some inside information about the Untitled Han Solo Star Wars Anthology film from the psychic planes and guess what?  It's pretty much what we kind of all thought.  The managed to get a girl on the show (obviously not Dave's doing) who is our source and she does a Tarot Card reading for the movie.  They talk about dating as per usual and Dave's adventures in Game of Thrones land plus lots more.  Enjoy!


Episode 25: Dave actually watches Game of Thrones!

September 8, 2017

Dave caved and watched a few episodes of Game of Thrones.  The boys talk about his first impressions, nudity, Logan Lucky, Girls Trip, moving to Las Vegas, Episode 8 t-shirts, and the Han Solo trainwreck.  Enjoy


Episode 24: Burning Man, Fashion, Game, Why Dave Should Watch Game of Thrones, and A Star Wars Story: Untitled Han Solo Film Update

August 31, 2017

Dave is looking for a new look and gets help from Joren.   He also espouses his disdain of Burning Man in spite of the fact that most of his friends love it and so Joren talks him into considering going next year.  The boys talk about Game of Thrones and why Dave is a Nerd failure for not watching it, having game with the ladies, and then they wrap it up with the latest update for the hithero untitled Han Solo Anthology project.  Enjoy!


Episode 23: Dave comes full circle plus Mediocre Movie Montage

August 27, 2017

Dave's dating history repeats itself and Joren is here to disect it in detail.  Lots of advice for Dave as well as his typical frustration.  Plus Dave saw a ton of crappy films this week and the boys talk about that as well as how actuart Rotten Tomatoes actually is.  Enjoy!


Podcast 22: The Ultimate Star Trek Convention

August 22, 2017

Dave is back from the Star Trek show and has things to share about it.  Joren and he discuss the fans, the shows, Discovery, female Star Trek fans, and the kinds of social life you can have at a Las Vegas casino filled with people wearing Starfleet uniforms.  They also get into the cosplay and a long discussion of Dave's latest dating fiasco.  Enjoy!


Podcast 21: Rogue One Re-Review

August 5, 2017

Rogue One is now available on Netflix and cheap bozos Dave and Joren watched it again to see if it holds up to a second viewing (or 3.75 views for Dave).  They talk about it and where is sits in the Star Wars lexicon.  Dave talks about his impending trip to the Star Trek Convention in Las Vegas and if there are any women at the show.  They discuss eating unicorn, human, and non-meat meat and Valarian and the City of a Thousand Planets.  Enjoy!


Episode 20: Dave comes home from San Diego Comic Con

July 26, 2017

Dave's back and he has a tale to tell.  The boys dump the nerd news (which Joren has always secretly hated) in favor of recounting tales from the fabulous San Diego Comic Con (AKA SDCC.  Not sure why).  They talk about the amazing cosplay, meeting single women at a huge con like this (and also finding a unicorn, which has about the same chance of showing up), the problem of too many souvenier bags, and lots more.  Enjoy!