Episode 36: Justice League and Dave’s Dating Justice!

November 22, 2017

Dave is feeling sorry for himself for being a pathetic dating loser and it is up to Joren to get him bucked up (normally Dave would say there is an "f" in place of that "b").  They talk about dating and why Dave keeps screwing up his life by being a nice guy instead of the sociopathic dirtbag that women seem to want.  The cook up an online dating plan that any sociopath would be happy with.  Then they discuss Justice League the movie and how it exceeded their expectations but being only crappy.  They also get into the new Punisher Netflix series and a martial arts movie called Blade of the Immortal.  Enjoy!


Episode 35: Murder on the Orient Express review! Also Dave gets his dating Tarot cards read and is told to stop dating

November 16, 2017

The lovely Connie is back and she reads Dave's dating futere in the Tarot cards.  Not a lot of surprises there although there is word of a mysterious dark haired lady in his future but not immediate future.  Joren tells Dave that he will be the modern day Cyrano de Bergerac and guide him into his future lady love after the horrible Year of the Rooster is over (Look out ladies of 2018!).  Dave also used is Movie Pass to see Murder on the Orient Express and has some comments on that, Joren played Dungeons & Dragons, and the other usual nerd falderal.  Enjoy!


Episode 34: More Dave’s Dating Misery! Plus Thor: Ragnarok, XBox 1X, iPhone X, and a ton of other stuff with or without X’s in the name

November 8, 2017

Dave is feeling miserable about his dating again and it's up to Joren to buck him up!  The guys talk about online dating, real dating, and Dave's crusing self esteem issues.  They talk about the new Xbox and iPhone, Joren's music business and why all musicians are lazy narcissists, and a review of Thor: Ragnarok which the boys saw together along with the lovely Connie.  Enjoy!


Episode 33: The Good, the Bad, and the Suburbicon. Plus Stranger Things Season 2 and more dating stuff

November 3, 2017

Joren and Dave both binge watched Stranger Things Season 2 and get into the nitty gritty of that great show.  Dave saw Suburbicon, the worst box office movie for both Matt Damon and George Clooney ever, and they discuss it and why it sucks.  Plus more dating stuff and all the usual BS.  Enjoy!


Episode 32: Dave and Joren argue about Ready Player One! Plus more dating stuff

October 27, 2017

Joren hates the 80's and anything associated with it so Dave has to convince him that Ready Player One is worth seeing.  They talk a lot about Dave and his dating, his business, his finances, and what the future holds.  They also talk about Dave's new iPad game This War of Mine and what it's like to play a game that is super depressing.  Dave also saw Only the Brave, a super derpessing but good movie.  Basically it has been a depressing week.  Enjoy!


Episode 31: Looking at all the sucktastic movies coming out (Plus Thor: Ragnarok, which looks kind of fun).

October 20, 2017

Dave and Joren ramble a bit in this one, discussing thier nerd lives as Dave adjusts to living on 40% of his previous income.  They consider ways to make thier own Star Wars movie, do more dating discussion, and finally go into the incredibly lame list of movies coming out for the rest of 2017.  All fail the Dave test for the most part except for Thor: Ragnarok (which means the boys are setting themselves up ofr massive disappointment).  Enjoy!


Episode 30: New Star Wars Trailer! Plus Bladerunner 2049

October 12, 2017

The new Star Wars trailer is out and Dave and Joren need to examine it closely not to mention bitch about it incessantly.  They get into gruesome detail and make some half baked predictions for this movie and Episode IX.  Then they talk about their personal lives and how Dave is now too broke to date.  Eventually they talk about Bladerunner 2049 which Dave saw and what an incredible bore it is.  Enjoy


Episode 29: Wedding Bells and Rick and Morty

October 6, 2017

This week Dave and Joren discuss Joren's wedding last weekend and what it means for his swinging bachelor nerd lifestyle.  Dave gets maudelin becuase he has never been married and probably never will but then talks about how he spent most of the night hitting on Joren's sister (with some encouragement from a certain Svengali type).  Dave dreams of moving to New York to take a break from getting rejected by California girls so he can try getting rejected by New York girls.  He also debates the merits of a real job verses running his own retail website (known as www.NerdKungFu.com shameless plug) and then the boys break down and analyze the amasing Rick and Morty Season 3.  Enjoy!


Episode 28: Got to get Joren to the Chapel in time (plus more bitching about Star Wars)

September 26, 2017

Four days until Joren's wedding and he is kind of lossing his shyte.  Dave on the other hand is feeling cool and looking forward to good food and being rejected by bitter bridesmaids.  The boys discuss the movie Kingsmen the Golden Circle, more Dungeons and Dragons, more Star Wars concerns.  Joren winds up Dave's clock by asking about the JJ Abrams Star Trek reboot and now it is Dave's turn to lose his shyte.  Enjoy!


Episode 27: The Clothing Makes the Man Plus the Dreaded Return of JJ Abrams

September 22, 2017

The boys discuss Dave's new wardrobe and what effect it might or might not have on Truth, Justice, and his campaign to get a girlfriend.  They get into the return of Destroyer of All Things Cool JJ Abrams as director of Episode IX, what that means for Star Wars, and why Lucasfilm and Disney can't seem to understand how he undermines any true fans love of any license.  They look at his filmography and scratch their head as to why anyone sees him other than a middle of the road hack.  That plus the usual rigarmorale (listen to Dave and Joren get almost violent about an indy Magnet film that Joren loved and Dave loathed).  Enjoy!