Episode 11: What is going on with the Wonder Woman Marketing?

May 17, 2017

Dave and Joren once again dive into Dave's miserable nerdy dating life and once they are done discussing all the women who have rejected him talk about a women who would definitely reject him: Wonder Woman.  Why has the studio ceased to market the film?  They also talk about King Arthur Legend of the Sword, what is upcoming in movies, the new MST3K guy, and the slew of TV shows that got cut in the last few weeks.  Enjoy!


Episode 10: Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 and weird dating stories

May 9, 2017

Dave and Joren are joined by Joren's brother Henry who is some kind of player with the ladies.  Henry tells a bizarre dating story and then joins them for a disucssion of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2.  They are visited by failed t-shirt entrepeneur Danny Sunflower and review his latest t-shirt ventures.  They talk about Edge of Tomorrow 2, dressing for a date, Chris Pine, Star Wars toys, War of the Worlds TV show, and the fact that we will soon have more MCU TV shows than Dave has had failed dates in the last year.  Enjoy!


Episode 9: Exploring Failure

May 4, 2017

Dave and Joren explore failure and for once it's not all about Dave's dating life.  They look at Ghost in the Shell and ask each other how huge studio tentpole movies can fall on their face so hard.  They also talk once more about Nerd dating, Dave's new dream woman, online dating, Wonder Woman, other countries getting preferential treatment on Guardians of the Galaxy, why comic book television shows are all sucking, and the ultimate superhero Squirrel Girl!  Enjoy!


Episode 8: The Fate of the Fate of the Furious

May 1, 2017

Dave and Joren went on a field trip but instead of going somewhere with single women in it for Dave to fail at picking up they went to go see the latest blockbuster the Fate of the Furious and the two discuss it furiously.  They also talk about long distance dating, how to be less clever, the future of Star Wars, the slew of new comic book movies, where to find Graboids, why including Superman in the Justice League movie makes the film more boring not less, whether or not Scooby Doo could do anything with Gozer, and the value of pracitical effects.  Listen and enjoy!


Episode 7: New Star Wars Trailer! Plus a bunch of other nerd stuff

April 16, 2017

Dave and Joren go deep into the new Star Wars Episode 8 the Last Jedi and how awesome (or not) it is.  They also go into Rick and Morty, Iron Fist, Patton, the new Labyrinth sequel, Batgirl with Joss Whedon, Star Wars Forces of Destiny, Thor Ragnorok, Bojack Horseman, Josh Brolin, Squirrel Girl, Dumbledore, and the new Transformers movie.  Not bad for a rushed last minute episode.  You can't say these guys don't put in a lot of work for you!  No Lightning Round though.  Enjoy!

NerdKungFu Podcast 6: One of Us! One of Us! One of Us!

April 15, 2017

Joren and Dave return to discuss their nerd lives and talk about the Power Rangers movie, Cosplay and Wondercon in Anaheim, Ghost in the Shell, Iron Fist, Archer, the new Fast and Furios film, Baywatch, Spiderman, and the deluge of Batman movies due out in 2019.  They debute the new Lightning Round for the relative merits of Photon Torpedoes verse the Wave Motion Gun, which robot would you like to have, and if you would rather use the Krull Glaive or the Sonic Boomerang (hint: the winner has five blades).  They dig into the impending childhood trauma resulting from Disney using robots for it's theme park mascots and explore why Joren loves Charlie Day but hates Charlie Hunnam.  Enjoy!


Episode 5: Into the Wild Nerd Yonder

March 29, 2017

Dave and Joren discuss the latest in geek movies, TV shows, and games.  Then they dive into their respective nerd lives, discuss Dave's pathetic dating life and somehow end up talking about a sex cult Joren wants Dave to join.  Enjoy!


Podcast 4: Truly geeking out

March 21, 2017

Dave and Joren release the inner geeks in this one and argue about Star Trek, Star Wars, Jurassic Park, dating, Wonder Woman, Snapchat, feeling like a man, Twiter bots, Power Rangers, Tesla motorcycles, Goonies, Indiana Jones, and what kind of car to buy.  Dave talks about his pathetic dating life and tells a story about intimate relations with a super hero.  Enjoy!


Episode 3 - Joren and Dave discuss cars, Logan, and Johnny Depp

March 16, 2017

Dave and Joren get together to discuss Dave's pathatic dating life and go into an in depth conversation about the career of Johnny Depp.  They look at his life and movies.  They also discuss why buying a used BMW is a bad idea and why the new Logan movie rocks.


Episode 1: Dave and Joren from NerdKungFu discuss their nerdy lives and argue about Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

February 28, 2017

Join Dave and Joren as they launch thier podcast with a huge argument about Rogue 1.  They also talk about RPGs and dating.  Enjoy!